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Frequently Asked Questions

For prospective Tenants

How do I know if this property is still available?

In most cases, if the property is still on our website it is available.

How can I make an appointment to view the inside of a home?

Before we schedule an appointment to view the inside of a home, it is necessary for you to view the outside first. This is important for you to check out the location and neighborhood according to your preferences. Once you have viewed the outside, you may call to schedule an appointment to view the inside with the Property Manager who will meet you at the property. Please call 540-342-3165 to schedule a viewing appointment. 

What is your policy concerning pets?

The ad should list whether or not pets are permissible. If they are, we require a one time non-refundable *pet fee of $300.00. Also, you will have to sign a pet addendum taking full responsibility of your pet and any damages that your pet may cause. Our company does not allow any high profile breeds such as Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher or Pit Bull. If you have any exotic animals such as reptiles, we may have to check with the owner of the home prior to any viewing appointments.

*Pet fee does not cover damages

Do you require a security deposit on your properties?

Yes, we require a security deposit which is the same as one month’s rent on all of our properties. The deposit is due within 2 business days of an approved credit application to hold the property up to 2 weeks before rent begins.

What if I want to move in before the first of the month, will you prorate the rent?

Yes, we will take the monthly rental rate and divide by the number of days in that month to determine a daily rate.

How long is the term of a lease?

We require a one year contract on all of our properties. After the first year, a lease renewal will be sent by mail. If you choose not to renew your lease, a 30 day written notice is required before the end of your term. 

Where can I get an application?

Before completing an application, you must first view the property. Please see “How can I make an appointment to view the inside of a home?” under frequently asked questions. Once you have gone through the viewing process, the next step is to fill out a credit application. You will provide a valid email after viewing and will be sent an application to start the process. Our company reviews overall credit and payment history, income status, rental history (if applicable) and a criminal background check. All individuals over the age of 18 must be on the lease and must complete an application. The application fee is $40.00 per adult or $40.00 per married couple. This fee is non-refundable. You will then need to email the application, along with picture ID and 3 of your most recent pay/income stubs back to us, and pay application fee online at that time. You are also able to pay security deposit and rents online, if approved.

How do I know if a property accepts Section 8?

We manage property for many individual owners and companies. If a property allows Section 8, it will be mentioned in the ad for the unit.

Once a Section 8 inspection is completed on the home, and repairs are required, the owner has the option to comply or withdraw the home from the Section 8 program.

When is rent due and is there a grace period?

Rent is due the 1st of each calendar month. Rent must be in our office (not postmarked) by the 5th of the month to avoid late fees.

How much is the late fee if I pay after the 5th of the month?

The late fee is 10% of your monthly rental rate. For example: $650.00 would incur a late fee of $65.00.


Emergency Maintenance Procedure

If you have an EMERGENCY after office hours, please log in to your online portal and create a maintenance request/work order. Give a description of the problem, your address and phone number where you can be reached directly. If the person responding cannot reach you directly, no maintenance person will be dispatched. If you have not created your online portal access, please complete this NOW, as this is the quickest way to process emergencies as they come in. Otherwise, please call 540-342-3165 and leave a message at this number. 


1- No heat (check filter, and breaker first before calling)

2- A flood

3- A fire

4- Gas odor (Have you called the gas company?)

5- Leaking water heater

6- Broken pipes

7- Leaking roof (Maintenance cannot dispatch a repair man until the rain has stopped)


1- A lock out or security problems – There is a $25.00 charge to answer a lock out call Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm . You will receive a bill for the service call. Any calls received after 5:00 p.m. for a lock out you will need to contact a locksmith. 

We recommend Meador & Co at (540)344-3162.

2- **PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOUR COMMODE OR SINK BEING STOPPED UP IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY** (per paragraph #17 of your Lease.) We will be happy to recommend a plumber or if we dispatch a repair person, you will be billed for the service call.

All other requests need to be called in the following business day to 540-342-3165.